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So it's true, dogs really can talk!

Who knew that I would be quoting the words of Scooby Doo on this blog but in the words of Shaggy,  " Like...no way man!" DOGS CAN TALK!  The telegraph have released today that a study taken has shown that dogs have a surprising ability to make humans understand what their barks and growls mean. Apparently women are more perceptive to the different growls and barks than men.   Researchers found women correctly at identified the dog's intentions 65 per cent of the time, compared to 45 per cent for men.  (well, we do listen more ) Scientists from Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary wrote in the journal Royal Society Open Science: "It is known that women have a higher emotional sensitivity...

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Introducing.... Hound Collars!

  You've all been asking whether I make Sighthound collars here at Absurd Design and weirdly it's not something I'd ever thought about.  But because of the huge amount of interest from all of you I thought I better check these breeds out!  Maybe it's something I've been missing out on and it's going to be like that latest Netflix series or viral Youtube video that I always seem to watch after everyone else!  Well not this time!  I decided to find out a little more and found some pretty cool facts!  They were previously called "Gazehounds", as their gaze naturally focuses on the horizon seeking out game or prey with their amazing eye sight rather than scent which most hunting dogs are known...

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My non-existant furry Valentine!

My Valentine? He's handsome, athletic, with sweet brown eyes and likes walks on the beach. Yeh that's right, he's a dog!   Unfortunately that's not the case for me...  I find myself this Valentine's Day, wishing I had that special someone to lick my hand, come with me on romantic walks along the sea front and share with me all my leftovers. Here are some tips for you if you find yourself alone this Valentines without a furry friend and what I'll most likely be doing!  1. Make a mix tape Everyone loves a mixtape, but this time it's different ! This mixtape is filled with songs which feature the love of your life... and here is my choice of...

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The Making of Absurd Design Leather Dog Products

The main reason I decided to work with leather for my dog products is firstly because I think it’s a wonderful natural material (the smell transports me to somewhere wonderful, not that I can smell it as strong now I work with it everyday!!) and secondly because of it’s incredible strength and durability. Dog collars in the UK are more often than not produced as cheap as possible by big chain companies … Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not all bad and I do think that some of the stuff from said places are good. But for me I think there is little to no imagination or creativeness in most of these products, we all know dogs like bones...

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Strip off in style

I love new stuff... and I thought what a better way, than to introduce a new Absurd Design product idea on Friday the 13th, unlucky for some... but here's hoping it's a hit! ❤️ 🐶   I'm putting the new product out on social media first with two designs available now!! "Strip off in - Britannia" and "Strip off in - Gothic"   It's not very fortunate that the weather has decided to go backwards and snow... but STRIP OFF with this new leather collar design for the spring to come !   *Available in xs, s (narrow), s, m and large. Leather collars with coloured hand-stitching and colourful strip strap keepers.   So here's the important bit, if you...

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