Limited Edition Dog Bandanas - Be quick before they go!

These Absurd Design dog bandanas use vintage or cotton fabrics which are only bought in small quantities, this means your dog gets a unique bandana the other local dogs wont be able to have!

Not your basic b**ch!  You can even switch up your looks with these dog scarves depending on your mood. Show off the bright patterned side and be bold or choose a plain coloured look with a subtle hint of pattern showing at the top.  All dog bandanas come with an added press stud which gives you flexibility with your dogs neck size. If you’ve got a new puppy (you lucky thing) roll down the top to fit, as they grow unroll and the bandana grows with your dog!  The press stud allows you to wear it loose, or you can tie it tight in the traditional knotted fashion.

Watch my 'How To' video here to get the best results.  

Absurd Dog bandanas come in 3 sizes:  Tiny, Petite and Regular.

*NEW* Tiny dog bandana is perfect for your small and cute dog breeds that have the slender necks that don’t want lots of extra fabric, perfect for Dachshunds or Chihuahuas. 

Petite is your go to size for most dogs. It's a small dog bandana, the best size to go for with new puppies where you’re not sure how big they’ll end up. Or for fully grown breeds like Cocker Spaniels, Cavaliers, Border Collies or even the Pug!

Regular is for your big boys, the large dog bandana for those dogs with very large necks. Breeds like the Bulldog, Husky, St Bernard and even the NewFoundLand!  You’ll probably wear the bandana with just the popper for in a loose casual fashion or with only one turn over of the fabric.