WaterCollar Sizing



All Absurd Design 'WaterCollars' are made using surplus neoprene wetsuit fabric, supplied to me by O'Neill and O'Three and rot proof polypropylene webbing with adjustable sizing for your dogs neck. 

If your dogs neck is much bigger than these sizes please do contact me at : info@absurdddesign.co.uk and I can make you a custom sized collar. Or if you would prefer a certain collar width this is also possible. 


See below for the collar sizes : 


   SMALL COLLAR : Fits necks  27cm - 32cm (approx.)

                           WIDTH OF COLLAR : 16MM  /     5/8"


  MEDIUM COLLAR : Fits necks  34cm - 39cm (approx.)

                          WIDTH OF COLLAR : 20MM  /     3/4"


  LARGE COLLAR : Fits necks 40cm - 44cm  (approx.)

                          WIDTH OF COLLAR : 25MM  /   1"


  EXTRA LARGE : Fits necks 46cm - 52cm  (approx.)

                          WIDTH OF COLLAR : 25MM  /  1"