Give the dog a bow : GREY

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Got a fancy occasion to go to? Or does your dog just look fabulous with a bow tie and needs one at all times! 

These bow ties are made from 100% sheep wool felt and a natural hand saddle stitched leather loop. Give your pooch added sophistication, they're so easy!  - you can slide these bow ties onto your existing dog collar or onto a leather Absurd Design collar for a unique look. 

Available in 5 colours, red, white, pink, grey and black 100% wool felt. They are the perfect addition to your dog's look, especially social and formal events. Why not have a pink or white dog bow on your pooch for your wedding day?!   

If you would like to include your dog on your big day, email me at if you have any preferences for a custom bow/ want your dog involved in carrying the rings. Awesome!  

( Leather Dog Collar not included )

SMALL SIZE  4" (10cm)
LARGE SIZE 6" (15cm)

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