Small Custom Leather Dog Collar

Regular price £20.00GBP

Ordering a custom sized collar for your dog is easy. Just follow these instructions:

Using a piece of string or tape measure, calculate your dog's neck size, allowing an extra space of two fingers for a comfortable fit.  This length should be in inches.  Write this number down.  

From the 'Neck Size' options simply find your number, then choose your collar Width and add to the basket.  

Please write which colour style you would like the collar to be eg. Britannia, in the comments box at the checkout. 

Once I receive your order, I will custom make your collar using the 'Neck Size' to be the middle hole of a 5-6 hole collar. This allows for your dog to put on a bit of extra fur in the winter.  Or for a tighter fit after a trip to the grooming salon!