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Hello Everyone, 

Introducing the latest Absurd Ambassador Tippy and a lovely review of their recent up-cycled wetsuit dog collar order : Abyss.  As an Absurd Ambassador they can share their love for Absurd products with a unique discount code,
Use the code 'TIPPY15' to enjoy 15% off Neoprene Dog Collars ! 

Hi, I'm Tippy!
My mummy was fed up of my collar getting really dirty as I love the water, especially stinky water! So she went on mission to find a waterproof one and one to keep the bacteria at bay. She was finding it hard but then came across Absurd Design and brought the waterproof neoprene one. 
When it arrived I was only allowed out in the water as we had a heat wave so it's had a good test! It hasn't made me itchy like my other collar would so I'm happy! I've been in the lovely river water just down the road every day and of course the garden pond - got to have a dip in the stinky pond, it's the best! Here's some photos, I am very quick so it's hard to see but you can see a hint of purple!  
Over to mum for the rest.....
The collar is great, it is waterproof and rot proof. It's made using surplus wetsuit material which helps with wastage and so the environment, which we all need to do! Not only that, 50p of each sale goes to a chosen charity as-well! This year it's Surfers Against Sewage.
The collar is beautifully made and comes with appealing packaging and a handwritten note, which all put a big smile on my face. It's soft to the touch, dries super quick which stops irritation and has lots of funky patterns to choose from! Patterns are made with eco-friendly water-based inks. 
I adore this collar and have been telling and showing everyone! It was really hard choosing a design mind as there's lots of cool ones to choose from, but I do love a purple!
Here's some links to all the places you can find Absurd Design, have fun looking at all the lovely handmade stuff they do not just collars;
Thanks for reading! 
Tippy & Mummy (Michelle)

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