Caring for your Absurd Design dog collars

Tips on caring for your Absurd Design leather product:

To keep your collar/lead from drying out I recommend that you condition it. I use Skidmore's waterproofing cream (Read about why I use it here) so that the outer surface is protected as well as nourished.  If your collar is so special that it's only used indoors then you will only need to protect your collar once or twice a year.  If, however, your collar is exposed to the elements most of the time, I recommend that you condition it three to four times a year. 


Skidmore's Waterproofing Wax Absurd Design

One of the reasons I chose to make all my Absurd Design dog collars from natural leather is because it offers such high durability and strength. No nasty toxins are used because there is no tanning process.  It can take abuse and definitely the strain from daily pulls from your dog.  

Leather is meant to be used outdoors and taken on any adventure, however, over time it can become dry and, just like our skin we need to take care of it to make it look as good as possible.  Over time leather products may deepen in colour and develop a rich 'Patina'.  No one likes to get older, but it's not so bad if we can do it in style!


Tips on caring for your Absurd Design Neoprene Dog Collar :


These collars are fantastic for any kind of water. Made from wetsuits they take in water and then dry in minutes in the sunshine. 

To keep these collars looking their best and lasting longer I recommend rinsing them with tap water if you've been out in the sea with your dog. This way the neoprene wetsuit fabric stays nice and clean.