It's absurd

It's absurd

Deciding to set up a dog business without a dog? There's only one word for it... Absurd!

But, from this act of madness Absurd Design was born.  

Hi I'm Kate, as a Graphic Designer experienced in working with leather and fabrics and loving dogs just as much as you, I wanted to find a way to create handmade and unique products for them. Even though I don’t yet have a dog of my own to put a collar and lead on. Yes, I know. It’s crazy, and just a tiny bit absurd.

What gave me the idea? Well, I spent 6 months traveling across Canada, making my way around by pet sitting different dogs. Looking after those dogs and talking to their owners, I realised that in Canada and the USA there’s a wide choice of attractive and creatively designed dog products available. But finding handmade products at reasonable prices didn’t seem so easy when I got back to the UK. It made me want to set up my own business, but I wanted to make something even better. I hand-make completely individual dog products that are as special to your dog as your dog is special to you. Fashionable and stylish and yet still durable and practical. Value for money, quality products that I thought my own dog would like – when I get one!

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