Bangin' Absurd tips for Bonfire night


When we're celebrating and enjoying ourselves, sometimes we miss the distress signs of our pets! Bonfire night is a great night to enjoy and celebrate, so here are some handy tips to get yourself and your dogs prepared before the big night.  

We've gone through different animal care pages and found you the 3 best ways to keep your dogs calm during Bonfire night so you can let your hair down. 


Crank it up.

Dogs have amazing hearing and to them fireworks can come as a massive shock to the system. We know that you'll all be keeping your dogs safe and secure on this day but just incase turn up the music ! Adding extra background noise is perfect to not isolate the loud bangs from the fireworks. 

Dog Den's! 

We love this tip! Dog's really can become calmer from just having a 'safe place' for them to relax and retreat to.  Make sure to fill it with their toys and lots of soft furnishings so they can snuggle up.  Praising them for settling there before the night, this helps them learn to associate it with something good.


Walk your dog before the evening itself. You will want to make sure that your dog has time to relieve himself, as it might be a long time before the fireworks stop in the evening. You might not want an early Christmas present! 

Signs of anxiety in your dog can be as small as your dog licking their lips or yawning. 


 Have a fantastic night! 



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