Best Barking Behaviour Review

Getting an honest review of a new product is always first on my list after I've launched something. Whether this is to friends and family, talking to people at a show/event or asking a dog trainer.  With my new training pouch I knew a dog trainer would be able to test the bag to the max and it would be interesting to see how they used it and rated the functionality. 

Here is a link to this training pouch if you want to find out more about it.  

One dog trainer/dog walker that I'm very impressed with is Lily at Best Barking Behaviour - she puts a lot of time and effort into her business and her 3 lovely dogs. So you know she's going to really put the bag to the test and see how useful the bag is in her everyday life and with her dog walking. 

I follow her and all the dog tips she posts about on TikTok - really great information check it out here :

Here is her review of my new Absurd Design Training Pouch : 




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