Introducing.... Absurd Design Sighthound Collars!

Colourful hound collars have arrived!

You've all been asking whether I make Sighthound collars here at Absurd Design and weirdly it's not something I'd ever thought about.  But because of the huge amount of interest from all of you I thought I better check these breeds out!  Maybe it's something I've been missing out on and it's going to be like that latest Netflix series or viral Youtube video that I always seem to watch after everyone else!  Well not this time! 

I decided to find out a little more and found some pretty cool facts! 
They were previously called "Gazehounds", as their gaze naturally focuses on the horizon seeking out game or prey with their amazing eye sight rather than scent which most hunting dogs are known for.

If you're reading this and lucky enough to own one of these dogs you'll be rather proud to hear that Sighthounds are also known as elegant dogs and previously the dog of choice by Pharaohs, Emperors and Royalty! Get you !

Hound collars are shaped for breeds such as whippets, greyhounds and lurchers which generally have much slimmer heads compared to their necks. This means that they can usually back out of a standard shaped dog collar. So the fishtail shape is designed to prevent that happening : wide in the middle and taper at the buckle and hole end.

When people started asking me for these collars I checked out what was already on the market,  I hadn't realised the lack of collar choice for these breeds!!  And because of their windpipes and ability to back out of normal collars it's something that's actually really important.   So over the last couple of months I have been working to produce something that I believe gives your hound something to show off about at the same time as giving you peace of mind that it's doing the job !
So the new Sighthound collars are here!  Special unique patterned collars giving support with a wider shape and also the additional choice to add a felt lining for extra comfort.

I'm really pleased to launch this new collar and hope it gives a chance for Sighthound owners to get something really different for their beautiful dogs.

Stay classy with Absurd Design. 


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