Is there even such a thing as an Unloved dog ?!

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As you know I don't yet have my own puppy... still counting down the days until this dream can become a reality!  For the lucky few of you that can have a dog right now, adopting a rescue dog is a very kind and brilliant thing you can do.  I believe strongly in giving a dog a new chance at having a family and enjoying the bonding and fun that brings, like my own Absurd collars that need new homes sometimes they can get forgotten. 

Crazily some dogs have to wait so long to be adopted !! Who's ever heard of an unloved dog?!!

Here are a few Battersea dogs that have been waiting way too long, so if you have space in your home that needs filling with something fluffy or if you know someone that is considering getting a dog soon send them this email! It might help one of these dogs find a new home :)  


How to adopt these dogs at Battersea:

  1. Register - you can do this in person at one of their centres or by calling 0843 509 4444
  2. Match - Battersea rehoming team will help you find your perfect pet and introduce you to them
  3. Rehome - after a final medical check and all the advice you could possibly need, you'll be able to take your new friend home with you.

Find out more about battersea dog rehoming process.




Five-year-old Alaskan Malamute Diesel has been at Battersea for

140 days. 

See his profile on the Battersea website and information to adopt here



Two-year-old Mable has been at Battersea for 476 days and is the shelter's longest-staying resident.

See her profile on the Battersea website and information to adopt here 



Eight-year-old beagle Jaybee has been at Battersea for

146 days, first arriving at the shelter after her owners' living situation changed and they were no longer able to look after her. 

See her profile on the Battersea website and information to adopt here 


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