What is more ABSURD... a dog in vicars costume or a dog dressed as a lobster?

I don't think I could tell you but someone that might is Harry Israelson, a photographer based in Los Angeles who seems to have a wonderful eye for capturing the bizarre and absurd. He managed to attend a halloween dog costume contest (obviously), which with all my knowledge also took place in Dorset last year.... unfortunately I missed out on that one.  

On the day, Harry says “there must of been at least 300 dogs, many dressed to match the costumer of his owner”.  

Halloween dog ABSURD

When you get this amount of attention put on you I think most dogs should go with the flow! The costumes in America and Canada are something else, just walk into a Walmart in October and I think you turn back into a 7-8 year old with pocket money to burn... but how does it feel to be the dog?   “Some dogs looked insecure, some elated, but most looked as though they had been through years of costume play and had simply given in.” 

Well I'm pretty impressed with the level of Absurdness going on in the photographs. Can't quite top it. 

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