It's HO HO HO Here

In case you hadn't realised, Christmas is ... wait for it .... less than 5 weeks away now and we're so excited !! 

Our new Christmas Absurd dog collar is ready to 'Ho ho ho' and the best news is... it's not just for Christmas!  I have been working with some beautiful Christmassy Harris Tweed this last month and now I can share an exciting new product with you. I've designed these soft leather collars that can be worn with these adorable Harris Tweed scarfs. Simply slide the scarf on to the collar and your dog looks oh so fashionista or slide it off and they'll be just as a lovely in our plain, soft leather dog collar all year round!

Make sure you get some big slobbery Christmas kisses by buying your best friend an Absurd 'Not Just For Christmas' scarf/leather collar!! 

I even had a little Christmas helper ( Jake ) to test and model this collar for me. He is just soo adorable.  Who could resist putting a scarf on him too?!   


Kate x

Absurd Design 


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