Make a dog toy out of your cut off jeans !

Dog toy idea with old jeans
The weather is finally looking like you can get your legs out and you've been meaning to cut up those old jeans into shorts for ages. Before you throw away the bottoms of those jeans I have a very quick and effective thing you can do with them!! 
I'm sure I'm not the only person that gets swayed into buying the cutest plush dog toy because I like it and think it's funny, only for my dog to destroy (and I mean DESTROY) it after only a couple of days or even hours if left alone with it!  
Annoyingly I know how much fun they have with the squeaking element but I haven't found a soft or hard toy that my dog doesn't chew through that doesn't cost a small fortune.  
Recently my dog destroyed a very cheap but effective duck toy with a squeaker, you can find this toy at The Range and you might want to head down and grab one for this simple/ Absurd idea I've had!  
The squeaker is a large tube and very heavy duty.  It looks like this : 
heavy duty dog toy squeaker
I recently cut up a pair of old jeans to make into shorts and I still had the ends lying around and thought it would be perfect to make a quick replacement toy that actually might last because it's not filled with stuffing and denim is pretty tough fabric. 
cut off jean dog toy  cheap dog toy using old jeans
The end result - I put the squeaker into the bottom of the leg and turned over the fabric. I sewed along the width of the jean a couple of times and left the end long for my dog to carry and shake about.  This has been one of his favourite toys, he hasn't chewed through it yet, it didn't really cost me and I didn't put the waste material into landfill yet! A win win so I wanted to share it with you all :) 

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