Raising Funds for Charity

Get your bid on. 

Exciting news at Absurd Design!  On the 21st of November, Lurcher SOS, a UK based dog charity, are auctioning one of our Britannia Leather Dog Collars to raise much needed funds for rescue Lurchers and sighthounds, helping to give them their forever homes here in the UK.

What could be better than a patriotic Britannia Dog Collar to help promote all the wonderful work this UK based charity does to raise money for dogs needing new and caring homes. 

Run by volunteers, Lurcher SOS is doing great work for these beautiful dogs. Their mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, abandoned and neglected Lurchers, Greyhounds and Sighthounds. The charity relies on donations from the public, fundraising and auctions like this one, which all go towards covering the cost of the care of their dogs.

Here's where they need YOU. Bid on November 21st and not only will you help Lurcher SOS, you could also get your paws on one of our Absurd Design, stunning leather dog collars.  

Please visit the Lurcher SOS fundraising page www.facebook.com/Lurchersosfundraising/ 



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