Salisbury Christmas Market

Last week Absurd Design made it's first pubic appearance at Salisbury Christmas market! Usually around this time of year I'm not feeling Christmassy in the slightest, but the market really boosted my inner festive spirit. Apart from being exceptionally cold and having to jump around most days to stay warm is was a lot of fun!

Met some really lovely dog owners and lots of dogs got some fantastic Christmas presents! I really do enjoy seeing photos of your dog, so if you visited the market and bought anything please do send me a photo or put it up on social media! 

It was great to explain how all my products are made by me by hand and a lot of care and attention goes into each product.  A lot of people also loved that they can have custom sized collars for their dogs and I got a few ideas for next year on products people would love me to make! Bring on a very busy 2018!! 

My little chalet was packed full with Absurd Design products. As you all know everything is made to order on my website. So having stock for this Christmas market meant I had to make a lot of leather dog products, and being me I might have only decided to do the Christmas market in October... so November was pretty hands on!! Over 100 products made and I was ready to go - with very crippled hands! 

No rest for the wicked! 

THANK YOU to everyone that came and chatted at my stall or who bought something during the week. I'm so grateful to how this year has gone and I'm looking forward to making and bringing out new products for you all next year.

I would also like to thank my mum who came with me to Salisbury Christmas Market to help on the stall and who is so supportive of Absurd Design. Thanks Mum :) 


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