Strip off in style

I love new stuff... and I thought what a better way, than to introduce a new Absurd Design product idea on Friday the 13th, unlucky for some... but here's hoping it's a hit! ❤️ 🐶
I'm putting the new product out on social media first with two designs available now!! "Strip off in - Britannia" and "Strip off in - Gothic"
It's not very fortunate that the weather has decided to go backwards and snow... but STRIP OFF with this new leather collar design for the spring to come !
*Available in xs, s (narrow), s, m and large. Leather collars with coloured hand-stitching and colourful strip strap keepers.
So here's the important bit, if you like this collar and would like one please please comment and like on the Absurd Design Facebook or Instagram account. If it's a hit it'll appear on the Absurd Design site next week. There will be a very limited edition of these two colours to begin with so first come first serve when it's up on the website but if popular then, all colour styles will be available !! 😍

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