The Stocking Filler Your Dog Wants This Christmas

The gift your dog is after this Christmas.  Here’s why.

This year Smark Bark rated Absurd Design as no.2 in their Top 10 Stylish Dog Treat Bags list!

The Absurd poop bag is a true favourite! These uniquely pocketed poop bags are the perfect choice when you’re all out on your walks, and every review from a happy customer proves why it's an essential gift this Christmas.



4 reasons why these handy poop bags are sure to be on your dogs wish list 


  • They’re super organised

  • Thanks to the handy front pocket, treats and poop bags are kept separate. This means no more reaching around frantically in coat pockets. Everything is exactly where you need it to be!

  • They’re completely, absolutely, 100% waterproof

  • Ugh. Ever been caught out in a rain storm and come home with a pocket full of soggy dog treats? (That’s the last thing you need when you have an equally soggy dog to dry off). These 100% waterproof poop bags mean that you NEVER have to experience this again! Great for seaside trips too :) 



  • They’re ultra handy...

  • Really! When your hands are tied (We’ve all had an enthusiastic pup at the end of the leash running circles around you when you, uh, have business to take care of), the unique squeeze-clasp top allows for easy access to treats and poop bags. Simply squeeze the top and it opens for easy access. 

    It’s ultra-secure too. No loose treats, bags or anything else you choose to keep in there running free and running havoc on your life.


  • They’ll dazzle you

  • Ever been in a rush to get walkies finished… but you can’t even find your poop bags when it’s time to leave the house? (I’m sweating already just thinking about it).

    These bright, colourful designs mean that you’ll never be in that situation again. Absurd design eye-catching poop bags are impossible to miss. Plus, they look good when you’re out on your walk. Just take a look at these if you need any extra convincing. 

    Here’s what some happy customers have said about the Absurd poop bags: 


    “I LOVE IT. Exactly what I've been looking for for ages - easy snap opening, which saves the treats going all over the place like with the little tin I was using before! Nice fabric and handy size (not like those big treat pouches). Would definitely recommend, thank you :)” - Audrey


    Perfect little treat holder! Our 2 border terriers have eaten holes through all our coat pockets to get to left over treats so this is a great alternative!” - Pippa

    My little pup has food allergies, and it’s amazing how many people ask if he wants a treat as they get it ready in their hand…. With this little beauty attached to his lead, I can carry his special treats and when someone asks, I can now happily give them something to give to him that won’t flare his allergies. I love it” - Elizabeth


    Make your Christmas gift even more unique and personal.  

    You can now get your dog’s (or yours - but let’s face it - the world really does revolve around our pets) initials monogrammed on to your poop bag. Classy. Plus, this makes them the perfect gift for the pet-doting people in your life.

    What are you waiting for? Order yours today in time for Christmas!







     Post written by Phoebe Nicholson 

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