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tennis balls


With Wimbledon starting tomorrow there will be a lot of yellow tennis balls flying around our television screens.  Your dogs eyes light up when these fluffy yellow balls make an appearance. 

Tennis balls are a great way of playing fetch with your dog and the perfect way to bond with your dog or new puppy. They’re cheap (can of 4 balls from only £4) they are tough against your dog’s teeth, easy for your dog to catch and you to throw in a ball thrower and nice and bright to find from a distance (even when your dog can't!).   So we love tennis balls, but are they safe?

FLUFFINESS :  So the yellow fluff of a tennis ball gets worn away after a while of playing and can be tempting for your dog to tear off and eat!!  Not good. Make sure that you always play fetch with your dog and don't let them use a tennis ball as a chew toy by themselves just to be safe.  Get rid of old worn out and dirty tennis balls so that your dog doesn't end up with any gastrointestinal issues which can be super expensive! 

CHOKING HAZARD:  Large dogs have extremely powerful jaws and can even break tennis balls in their mouths!  This can be especially risky for your dog if any of the parts get lodged in your dogs throat. 

A fantastic thing to do with your dog to avoid both of these potential risks and keep playing with their favourite tennis ball safely, is having the DROP command nailed. Make sure your dog isn't possessive with a tennis ball and will let you take the ball away quickly.  It could save your dogs life and make sure your dog gives up their prized tennis ball before anything gets swallowed if they get too excited. 

 It's not all doom and gloom and a great game to play with your dog during this tennis ball fortnight actually does use tennis balls ! 


The aim of the game is for your dog to sniff out all the tasty treats hiding under different tennis balls. 

Get a muffin tin baking tray and scatter a few of your dogs favourite treats in about 4 of the muffin cup sections. Then (you'll need 12 tennis balls) put the tennis balls in each of the sections and lay the tray down on the floor for you dog and watch them go crazy! It's like strawberries and cream for dogs! 





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