Training Using An Absurd Design Treat Bag

Let's talk training 

Motivating your dog is super important when it comes to training.  I personally use a mixture of quality dog treats and these sausages. You can buy them here.  You can cut up into little pieces for training. (I do also break these in half, don't tell the dog!)  My dog loves these and it's great for learning new skills or trying to break bad habits/ puppy socialisation with a positive reinforcement.  

You obviously don't want to hold all your treats in your hand and keeping treats in pockets can become very messy and smelly ! Having an Absurd Treat Bag Holder is great because you can load in up with your dog's favourite treats and tip out/grab a small out amount at a time.  

I'm using a Lost At Sea Absurd Design Treat Bag in this example, all the bags have an inner waterproof lining which you can wipe clean after use.  The squeeze opening means you're not dropping treats out of the bag while teaching your dog some new tricks or out on your dog walk and have it attached to your clothing or dog lead. 


Training Treats Sausage Absurd Design

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