Teach your dog a Tennis Ball Trick during Wimbledon!

This Summer I have teamed up with Moatt Sails in Weymouth to take some of their unused sails/surplus fabric and produce some Absurd stuff! 
Introducing the Up-cycled Dog Poop Bag Dispenser & Dog Treat Bags. Made from waterproof, lightweight sail material in some fantastic bright colours. In particular this new colour style in yellow and white!
With Wimbledon starting on Monday I thought it would be a fantastic time to introduce a brilliant trick for your dog to learn during the 2 weeks.  No pressure!

Teach your dog to balance a tennis ball on their nose! 

Step 1 : Desensitising your dog to having their muzzle touched.  fifteen-love

You want to make sure your dog is happy with you holding their chin and nose to be able to balance the ball. This can take a bit of time and patience with treats so have your Absurd Design  Dog Treat Bag handy with lots of their favourite things.
Each time hold their muzzle in your hand and stroke the top of their nose with the other hand. Use a term of encouragement like 'Good' or 'Yes' and then supply a treat.  Repeat until your dog isn't pulling away.  

Step 2 : Practising with the ball and treats. thirty- love

So now that they're feeling more comfortable with their nose being touched it's time to start trying with the tennis ball.  It's important that now your pup has something they are obsessed with to take their mind off the ball!  Bring out their favourite treat/snack, even more tempting than the first treat on offer!

This time sit down and have your dog sat facing you. Offer the treat to them and while they are taking it rest the tennis ball on the bridge of their nose. Remember to use the words of encouragement again each time the ball is rested on their nose.  Repeat ! 

Step 3: Moment of truth.  forty- love

NEW BALLS PLEASE!  So hopefully we have now got a lot of practise in and also watched a lot of Wimbledon.  It's time to start seeing how much your dog has learnt over the 2 weeks. Start slowly and just test balancing the ball on their nose. You might need some treats still but hopefully you'll nearly be able to leave your dog with the 'stay' command and get some fantastic tennis ball photographs! 


Game set match! 


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