How To Measure For A Martingale Collar

All Absurd Design Martingale Dog Collars are custom sized for a perfect fit. 

When buying a Martingale just provide two measurements at the checkout to ensure a safe and comfortable collar.

Measure the middle of the neck where a collar usually sits
Measure the largest part of your dog's head, usually just behind the ears 
if you are not sure, feel free to email 
Absurd Design Martingale Dog Collar

Fitting a Martingale

When you receive your Martingale Dog Collar you will want to adjust the collar around your dog's neck so that the two slides connecting the short loop do not touch when pulled.  Three fingers width between the slides is ideal for a large dog and two fingers width for a small dog.

Always attach the leash/lead to D-ring of short loop. 

For safety, when adding your ID tags, make sure to only clip them to the large loop side of the rectangular slide.

Martingale Collar How to guide Absurd Design