Mojito Painted Leather Dog Collar front bright fun
Back of Mojito painted dog collar

Your dog will be salsa dancing in a Mojito collar! 

Awaken your taste buds with this sweet and sour Mojito collar! 

Get that summer feelin' with these deliciously decorated dog collars ! 

Your dog will go Bonkers over this new hand painted collection!  And it's even better when the sun shines because, as your collar tans, the patterns just get brighter!
I hand paint the mix and match designs in the Bonkers range using excellent Angelus non-cracking formula leather paints, finally protecting them with a waterproofing wax to make them perfect for any outdoor activities!  

Of course, as with all Absurd Design collars, these are hand sewn with a strong saddle stitch for durability and added confidence.

Product Features:

  • 100% Natural Leather
  • Hand Painted Pattern  
  • Saddle Stitched by Hand 
  • Treated and Protected for longevity
  • Solid Nickel plated Hardware 
  • D-Ring For Easy Lead Attachment
  • Hand Stamped 'absurd' Logo

If you need an XL size please email me at and I can make one especially for you. This might take slightly longer than normal.

As with any hand made product the patterns will vary from batch to batch.  Please bear this in mind when ordering. 

Bonkers : Mojito


Bonkers : Mojito

see size guide


Below is a size chart for Absurd Design dog collars and then a  How to on getting the right size by measuring your dogs neck. (Click the link to go straight to it)

Does your dog need an extra small dog collar or an extra large dog collar? It can be really hard to know which is the right size dog collar for your pooch!  I make sure this isn't a problem you have to deal with.  If you have doubts on how to choose the right size or even how to measure your dogs neck,  just give me a ring 07817687486 or email me and I can talk you through it. 

If your dog needs a specific size of dog collar, we all know that dog with the abnormally small or large neck size for their breed!  Again call or email me and I can easily cut the leather longer or smaller to make a custom dog collar to fit your dogs exact neck. Made to measure ! 

x small
Thickness : 5/8" (1.6cm)
Fits necks from 8" - 10" (20cm - 26cm)
Available in leather collar. 
Small (Narrow)
Thickness : 5/8" (1.6cm)
Fits necks from 9.5" - 12" (25.5cm - 31.5cm)
Available in leather collar. 
Thickness : 3/4" (1.9cm)
Fits necks from 9.5" - 12" (25.5cm - 33cm)
Available in leather collar.  

Thickness : 3/4" (1.9cm)
Fits necks from 12" - 16" (32cm - 42cm)
Available in leather collar.  
Thickness: 1" (2.5cm)
Fits necks from 15" - 19" (40cm - 50cm) 
Available in leather collar and webbing collar. 
X Large
Thickness: 1" (2.5cm)
Fits necks from 19" - 24" (48cm - 60.5cm) 
Available in leather collar and webbing collar. 

How To


To find out which collar size you will need start off by measuring your dog’s neck with either a cloth measuring tape or a piece of string.   You'll be wanting a snug measurement, so make sure it's around your dog’s neck with no slack. Write down this number. 

Absurd Design collars have the holes for sizing measured from the very end of the buckle to each hole.  For example with the small collar sizing -  9.5" is the first hole measurement and the 12" is the last hole measurement. 

When choosing your collar size make sure that the number you wrote down is as close to the middle measurement of one of the collars.  The collar can then be easily loosened or tightened. 

 i.e.  If your dogs neck measurement was 10.5" or 26.5cm you would order a small collar as it falls in the middle of the from and to : 

Fits necks from 9.5" - 12" (25.5cm - 33cm)

If you have specific size requirements, please contact me.

IMPORTANT * Because each collar is handmade I do not offer refunds if you order the wrong size.   Dog neck sizes can vary, please make sure to measure your dog's neck before ordering your size.  


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