Dog Chew Box : Boredom Busting Box
Dog Chew Box : Boredom Busting Box

Dog Chew Box : Boredom Busting Box

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The Long-Lasting Entertainment! 

Need a little extra time to yourself or have that last episode of your favourite tv show to watch?  These long lasting natural dog chews will be your and your dog's new best friends!

This box is full of ways to stop your dog from getting bored and keep them happily occupied wherever you are.  Hiding treats inside the buffalo roll gives your dog a great mental work out. Or stuff other tasty food inside these chews and freeze them for a tasty super treat that will last even longer!

There is also the option to double up if you have more than one dog and save 5%.  


Box contains :

x2 MEGA BEEF BRAID *NEW* Longer lasting than standard braids, these are excellent for those enthusiastic chewers. Beef is in fact super high in protein and super low in fat!
x1  YAK BAR (MEDIUM) Made from Yak's Milk, they make for a high protein, high calcium and long-lasting treat, with a unique taste. 
x1 TRACHEA Another long lasting chew, high in protein and low in fat. A natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which promote joint health. Stuff and freeze to create an extra tough chew! 
x1 CAMEL ROLL An alternative if your dog has allergies or sensitivities. An excellent source of protein, vitamins and low fat!  
x2 CAMEL BRAID Leaner than beef and an excellent source of protein and vitamins. Braided for extra chew factor. 
A really hard chew for your dog to get its teeth into. Low fat and long lasting. Stuff with peanut butter or a tasty treat for extra mental exercise. 


Goat Braids are great long-lasting chews. A perfect dental aid, they help to remove tartar from your dogs teeth. 
x2 LARGE BUFFALO EARS Buffalo ears are super long last chew. They're a fantastic source of protein, omega fatty acids, and even minerals like zinc and selenium. 


No chemicals or preservatives are added to any natural chews and they are air dried to retain as many nutrients as possible. Sizes, shape and colour will vary as chews are 100% natural. 

Feed supervised. Fresh drinking water should always be provided when your dog is chewing. 

Save 10% with a subscription box* and your dog will be very pleased to see the postman at least once a month! 


A wider range of chews are sold individually as PICK N MIX And if your dog loves a particular chew they're also available in FILLED BAGS !

*Subscription can be cancelled at anytime. 

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Superb quality pouch! Using it as a treat pouch and love that the treats can't fall out! Got a free poo bag too! What's not to love?


The quality and workmanship is very good, the size is accurate and it is simply excellent. Our Vito is now by far the coolest in the street🖤🐾