emerald green lead with black handle and silver trigger hook
Simple Webbing Dog Lead : 1"

Simple Webbing Dog Lead : 1"

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The ideal simple, lightweight, leash for a fun dog walking experience! 

Made from strong, lightweight polypropylene webbing. Waterproof, rot proof and washable - great for the outdoors or even a stroll to the park. There is a O-Ring connecting the handle to give you a comfortable dog walk, without the added strain from your dogs back and forth movements. It's also brilliant for attaching an Absurd Poop Bag Holder/Treat Dispenser, so you've always got one with you.   

With the two toned look it's fun and modern. Choose from 6 colours to match the lead with their collar or harness. 

Standard size:  Lead length approx. 44” (112cm), lead width 1” (2.5cm)

Bespoke lead/leash sizing

For a few extra £'s you can have your webbing dog leash made to any length. Just email info@absurddesign.co.uk

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